Neon Yellow clear jelly splash bow

Neon Yellow clear jelly splash bow

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Clear jelly splash bow

Material- Made from vinyl/PVC water proof material. This material has a clear shiny finish, it is see through and hardeare can be seen.

  1. 4.5" double Olivia


  1. Mini French (piggie size & up)
  2.  French (4.5" & up)
  3.  Teeth clip (3.5 & up)
  4. XL teeth clip (3.5" & up) 

** No other hardware options will be available due to the bow material. Thank you **

Please note that the bows are not 100% water proof. The material is water resistant but the hardware is made from metal which will need to be dried off after each use to ensure longevity of the product. The bows are made with extra time and care to be as durable as possible for water play. Full submersion is not suggested. Thank you for buying handmade!