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Mermaid Girl Phone Grip/ Badge reel - LilaReneeCreations

#Coffeelife Phone Grip/ Badge reel

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Handmade epoxy resin phone grip /badge reels. 

Details: All pieces are hand poured and clear coated for a glossy finish. Due to the nature of resin no 2 pieces will be exactly the same. Very small imperfections are also possible. I.e mini bubbles. I strive to offer the best quality possible. 

Hardware: Hardware is attached with durability in mind, however handling with some care is advised to ensure your handmade resin piece lasts long! 

Hardware options: 

1. Transparent badge reels. These have a squeeze clip on the back and the badge attachment has a snap and pulls down. 
2. White/Black Basic phone grippies. These tops are NOT SWAPPABLE. They have 3M adhesive to provide secure attachment to your phone. 
3. White/Black Pop Grip Brand. Swappable top and base. You are able to swap off the Top piece to switch out your grips. 
4. Black Top Only. This is just the Top part to attach to your base to collect and switch grips at ease! 

** hardware pieces are not made by me** **resin top pieces are 100% made by me **